Microwave Pasteurization


Principal Investigators:

Juming Tang, Shyam Sablani, and Barbara Rasco, Washington State University
Mike Davidson and Doris D’Souza, University of Tennessee
Denis Gray, North Carolina State University
Lihan Huang, Eastern Regional Research Center, USDA-ARS
Patrick Dunne, Tom Yang and Alan Wright, U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center


Seafood Processors Association Kickoff Group Photo - Click for original
International Microwave Power Institute

Industrial Advisors and Stakeholders:

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services
National Aeronautics Space Administration
Northwest Food Processors Association
American Frozen Foods Institute
Food Chain Safety
Graphic packaging

Washington State University

Engineering Staff:

Dr. Frank (Fang) Liu, Senior Research Engineer

Graduate Students:

Sumeet Dhawan, Food Packaging
Kanishka Bhunia, Food Packaging
Muhammad Aamir Bajwa, Food Quality
Wenjia Zhang

Research Associates:

Dr. Zhongwei Tang

Post Doctoral Fellows:

Dr. Mahmoudreza Ovissipour
Mahmoud Reza Ovissi, Food Quality and Food Packaging, Washington State University

University of Tennessee

Graduate Students:

Hayriye Bozkurt-Cekmer

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