Microwave Pasteurization

IMPI 45 (2011)

2011 IMPI 45th Annual Microwave Power Symposium Highlites

Dhawan, S., Tang, J., Barbosa-Cánovas, G. V., and Sablani, S. S. 2011. Transport of engineered nanoparticles from nanocomposite and coated polymeric films into a food simulating liquid, International Microwave Power Institute, New Orleans, LA June 08-11
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Food Safety Forum

This was a forum for expert discussion and dialogue on two general topics related to microwave heating of foods: safety of foods when cooking with domestic microwave ovens; and industrial microwave heating technologies for reduction of pathogens in foods. [more]

'Regulatory View of MW Pasteurization' PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Gregory Fleischman; Research Chemical Engineer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

'Microwave Pasteurization in Europe' PowerPoint presentation by Mr. Jean-Paul Bernard; Sairem Coporation Directeur Général / Managing Director.





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